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We Get You!

But we offer great service and competitive rates?!?! That is what your old lender will likely say once they find out you have become a preferred Interest Smart Agent. What do you get by becoming an Interest Smart Partner?
  • 24X7 access to our pre-approval portal. You can custom generate all your own approval letters based on our buyers approved budget. No more last minute requests or delays while you wait for a revised approval letter. You are in full control.
  • Additional listing exposure custom generated for you! Helping you to grow your business at both buyer and listing ends.
  • More post close client”touches” than any comparable paid marketing service, we keep both of OUR names in front of all of OUR customers. There must be no doubt in our customers mind who they will go back to for their next real estate transaction! US!
  • Access to SMARTnetWORX, our proprietary power partners network management tool. Helping you to grow and reciprocate business in your power partnerships (coming soon)
  • 1 on 1 expert marketing advice and consulting help from a team who knows how to market in this highly digital age!